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Short Story Anthology

A legendary hotel. Five minutes at a time.

Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove is an eclectic collection of short stories and flash fiction.

Whether there’s an incident at the front desk, something not quite right with the room, a bear stopping in for a beer, or a resolute robot revolt, lives change by the minute within the grounds, rooms, and corridors of the legendary Hotel Stormcove. Lovers meet, witches gather, friends connect, and those in need always find shelter.

Checking in?


Murder Mini: Hot Rod

Happy 2020 from Murder Monday! After a long break it’s a brand new episode. In the early morning hours of February 16th, 2002, a black tower of billowing smoke was spotted on the horizon just outside of Atlanta. Fire Fighters finally arrived to put out the fire which is when they found something concerning in the trunk.

Start Your Engines


Murder Mini: A Sister’s Murder

Sister Margaret Ann’s body was found on the floor of the sacristy of the former Mercy Hospital on Holy Saturday. Evidence showed that she had been choked to the edge of death and stabbed in the chest, the neck, and the face.

Say Your Prayers


Murder Mini: Snowball’s Chance in Hell

While most on Prince Edward island fish for trout and tuna, one fishermen caught something they never expect on the side of the road on May 5th, 1995.

Cat’s out of the Bag


Murder Mini: Slayed By The Bell

Successful salon owner Peter Fabiano is gunned down in his own home on Halloween. Was he the victim of a bad “cut”?

Ding Dong


Murder Mini: Dead Weight

Nirmal Gil was married for 25 years to Rosemary Gill but found out about her affair with her ex after hiring a private investigator to keep track of her movements but that wasn’t lead to murder. Find out what was….

Why Weight?


Murder Mini: The Sound of Murder

A nurse in Duluth, MN is murdered while working the graveyard shift.

Can You Hear It?


Murder Mini: Illicit Baggage

A beautiful model from California falls in love with a Canadian man who she quickly married but how did their baggage lead to her murder?

Pack Your Bags


Murder Mini: Mother Knows Best

After two days of no contact from her brother a concerned sister calls upon a neighbor to help locate her missing brother at his Wisconsin lake home.

Trust Your Gut


Murder Mini: Dealt a Bad Hand

Thomas Clayton returned home just after midnight in September 2015 to a home robbery which resulted in tragedy. Thomas had been playing cards with friends and he didn’t know that the cards were stacked against him. Click the link to hear how!

Place Your Bets


Murder Mini: Kitchen Nightmare

In this case of love gone rotten, it turns out revenge is a dish best served with a side of gravy. John Price and Katherine Knight’s marriage goes south…quickly. It’s a haunting story you won’t soon forget. from down under.

Take a Bite


Murder Mini: Yelp Yikes

Suspicion surrounded KC Joy when his best friend and roommate missed her weekly softball game that she hadn’t missed in six years.

Catch a Killer


Murder Mini: Infamous Killer Cordelia Botkin

You’ve most likely never heard the name Cordelia Botkin but her case is considered one of the most interesting in the history of the US. It was an important case because she was the first in American to be prosecuted for a crime which took place in two different jurisdictions, as Botkin had sent the poison from California, but it was received in Delaware.

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