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Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius: A Love Story At this very moment, high above the clouds, there is a building floating in the sky. From this building, twenty-fours hours a day, seven days a week, inspiration in all its forms is distributed to Mortals on Earth by a corporation known as the Museum. It is here that […]

A Sparkle in the Dark

I thought I was going to wait until this was finished to write a little blurb about why I wrote it but I didn’t see a point. If I’m being honest, and I always try to be, this story arose out of a battle that I have been waging with the mice of the Northwoods […]

The Killing Frost

This month I’m going to try something a little different. Each month I’m going to expand my Flash Fic Pics so that you get one story with lots of cool illustrations. Each month you’ll get a different look and theme. Check back everyday for a new picture and the next part of the story! See […]

The Whisper Man

This was a little blurb i wrote while out in LA for the month of November. I was sitting in crowded cafe (sans headphones…the horror) and was amazed at the little nuggets of information I would pick up every now and then. So, I got to wondering: what truth would the universe share if you […]


Casualties of the Transition

I don’t know why I started writing this story but it just kept coming. I think I intend for it, or at least some of the characters, to continue on in some way. You might even recognize a certain name if you’ve had a chance to read my story in the Atthis Arts anthology, Five […]


Water Babies

This is actually my very first story ever accepted by an editor for an anthology but due to reasons out of my control (and his, I believe) the anthology was never published. This was a cool one because the theme was based on the John Silence universe created by Algernon Blackwood. John Silence is a […]

A Neck Above The Rest

I initially wrote this story as part of an anthology where the world due to end by way of an alpaca-lypse. Yep, you read that right–an alpaca-lypse. I was just starting out as a writer and it was a bit of a stretch for my imagination but overall, this was a very fun story to […]